A walk on the wild side – Fraser Island

Tomorrow we’re off. Adventure awaits on the world’s largest sand island, the World Heritage listed, Fraser Island. It stretches over 123 kilometres in length and is 22 kilometres at its widest point. I can’t wait to be immersed in the beauty of it. I’m also a little nervous about our planned hike as we don’t know anyone who has done it before.


Kevin and I are going to walk its long stretches of white beaches, coloured sand cliffs and ancient rain forests over 4 days, carrying a two-man tent, clothes, food and water. We have been itching for an adventure and we’ve cleared the decks and heading off in the morning come rain or shine.

Our plan? We are driving to Rainbow Beach with our motorbike on a trailer. We will catch the ferry across to the island at Inskip Point and then motorbike up to Orchid Beach with two backpacks. We then plan to cross the neck of the island by foot through rainforest and then walk up the West side to Sandy Cape Lighthouse and then return back down the East side.

Image via Complete Campsite
Image via Complete Campsite

I hope to keep you updated but an internet connection will be hard to find. We are quite intent about sticking to our plan but  will keep an open mind, if we need to divert for some reason.

See you on Fraser!


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  1. Wow! Having visited Fraser Island, I’m even more interested to hear all about your adventurous trek. Good for you. There’s nothing like a bit of upheaval and adventure to add spice to life. Take care, Love, Penny

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