on the road

On the Road

We’re on a shimmering open road that smells of Summer, careening to some future place that pulls us forward, my youngest son and I.Ā Iā€™m fixated on him as he drives us, his cut jawline, runaway curls and strong hands on the wheel.

on the road


Bush, trees and blue skies fly past in fused colour that catches, bulges a thought, then lets go, shredding it to the wind. Sometimes thoughts pulse a pleasure that tingles into my being, or a pain that tissues into my gut. Pain that equals the end of something. It’s me and him hustling time out here, him and his music in joyous explosion at having written his last school exam ever. EVER.

I realise this is the moment where he leaps magnificently into the world, fully extended, drawing back on everything and reaching forward to everything else.

And I will always be his Mom.

on the road

6 thoughts on “On the Road”

  1. Don’t know if you remember me, Darene from Grahamstown/Umtata? Also studied Journ. Your post caught my attention because I have an overwhelming urge to read “On the road” by Jack Kerouac – and write about it. Also keen on starting a blogging style book club. Any pointers for another “journo”?

    1. Hi Edith
      Lovely to hear from you! A fellow journo šŸ™‚ Get started on that blog, it’s great fun, a log of what matters to you and a creative extravaganza! It’s easy to start with a WordPress template or you could buy a domain name like I have which is not expensive. Maybe you can tie it in to complement your line of work? Another option is to start a FB page or closed group, which will get far more engagement. But we ultimately do these things for ourselves, to dance with inspiration, which is the grandest dance of all! Good luck and let me know how you go. Just shout if you need specific info.

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