Love in 2017

This theme of love keeps showing up. It’s everywhere, and often in disguise. It makes me sigh and smile. Yeah, hello there again, you’re rather nice, thank you. But when it lands its light into a greyed-out hour, my soul bubbles with relief. There you are, what took so long?

Sometimes I pick at scabs of discomfort, like when will I get more proficient, more self-aware, be more in control, have more, be more? Then I’ll suddenly see the grace of someone before me and I’ll melt into that and feel life is enough and be reminded to love just what is; the people just standing in the sunlight, in love.

Sometimes I’ll step longingly into the beautiful to commune in its misty colours and I will lose myself easily in the rhapsody. Other times I’ll move carefully over jagged life-bits and feel it pierce, fierce and wicked till I find my way back to softness.

When my sister-in-law’s father died she told me: “All we have is love”. I couldn’t forget.

I discovered Wim Hof, The Iceman this week. He holds 20 world records, having achieved amazing physical and mental feats. Then there it was again. “Love is my mission,” says Wim, who first set out to find relief from grief. His wife died at a young age, leaving him to raise four children. “I want to bring back control. If you radiate good energy because you’re happy, healthy and strong, that’s love. I want to bring love back to the world.”

Then I read this little book last night about a plucky little magpie called Penguin, who saved a family. Angels come in all shapes and forms. Love hurts. Love heals, says Dad Cameron.

Be sure to look for love wherever you go in 2017.

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