A Robust Life!

When America’s top cancer specialist sanctioned (moderate) coffee and wine-drinking in his best-selling book of rules on how to avoid illness and prolong your life, many twinkled with happiness.

Here is my latest very cool cold-pressed coffee find for hot Noosa days.

Green beans are used for the locally brewed Benchmark Coldpress
Green beans are used for the locally brewed Benchmark Coldpress

Check out a list of the new wave of cold brews.

Can we live robustly till our last breath? In the #1 New York Times bestselling The End of Illness, Dr. David Agus offers 65 rules for living a healthy life which includes eating real food, the flu jab, going light on high heels (inflammation no-no), lots of smiling and regular exercise. But he concedes there’s no master guide, one-size-fits-all. “Of all the rules I present, the most important one is this: you have to find what works for you. To start, let me present important ground rules. Health information is a moving target. Recommendations today may change tomorrow. For now, the following rules are relevant based on the data we have available that convincingly show the best practices for reducing your risk of disease.”

Dr David Agus talks on health.

So yay to exercise and I will keep running with my trusty RunKeeper app, but fear I’ve pushed the patience of every Facebook friend with my constant display of running feats. Friends begged me to just lie on the couch for a while, and drink wine, which is also good! To tell the truth, my little app motivated me no end. It made me do more, more often. And sharing my runs on social media made me feel accountable and creative.


When it comes to “apping”, here are the young ones, feet up, checking Instagram and Snapchat this week. I am also a Snapchatter. This is purely a Mother’s logic. It places me at the ready to receive the occasional visual update from a son of mine who may think: “poor bird, Mother may like this one”…And she did.


Back to coffee and smiles, it’s all bliss at Bella Rustique in Noosa Junction where Hayley Banks and sister, Chloe, have just pulled off a renovation and fresh lift in their gift, homewares and cafe lifestyle store. Beautiful things are sourced locally and overseas, and the pair also offer interior styling in Noosa homes. Notably they style their Mum, Lorri’s iconic Main Beach restaurant, Bistro C. Great coffee and artisan sweet treats make me a regular at this little haven next to the post office.



This week my Aunt Penelope, also a writer, sent me her article she wrote on religion, published in the Hamilton Spectator in Toronto, Canada. It’s a light-hearted look at children “attempting to solve the mystery of beliefs”. For me it’s a reminder that the complexity persists for a lifetime. Religious? Or spiritual? Exactly who, what, where and how “God” is, is thoroughly open to individual interpretation and change. To borrow words from Dr Agus: “You have to find what works for you” and remember, “You are in charge of you” as you zigzag your way through to find what resonates.


Nature is my haven, and I’m inspired by people who devote themselves to its protection. Peter Hammarstedt is a Sea Shepherd who risks his life trying to protect whales. “Throughout history, it has been passionate individuals who change things, not government,” he says. “The founder of Sea Shepherd, Paul Watson, is very forward thinking in realising that the oceans are the true lungs of the planet and they are dying. If the world’s governments aren’t going to enforce the law then it will take passionate and courageous individuals to do so instead..People are always fighting for the rainforest but the oceans produce more oxygen than all the world’s forests combined.” Read more here.

Peter Hammarstedt. Photo via www.dumbofeather.com

It’s been a robust weekend of boy energy! We had four young teenagers for a sleepover and they took to the surf for hours. Love that youthful zest!

Photo by Theo Calvert
Photo by Theo Calvert


photo 2
Photo by Theo Calvert

Sunday breakfast was scones. I added a dash of health by replacing once cup of flour with buckwheat flour and used half a cup of coconut sugar instead of regular. My boys approved. They came out with a pleasing caramel hue and flavour. Yum, yum and happy weekend to you!

photo 3

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