A Great Lesson In Manifesting

My sons and their friends have this fun thing going: wherever they go they encounter the number 41. It shows up on table numbers in restaurants, hotel room numbers, the battery life left on their phone. It’s a daily thing, that number in all combinations of those digits, everywhere. Even I excitedly notice it, everywhere. Funny how it’s easy to manifest this number now it’s imprinted and it feels so natural that it should show up.

In FasterEFT we learn that whatever you hold in your mind – the good, the bad and the ugly – shows up in your world. Mostly we are conducting sessions with clients who want to improve their lives in some way and it is amazing to notice how patterns repeat themselves and seeming self-sabotage occurs repeatedly. We even have a saying: “memories buried alive never die, they just show up in a different pair of shoes”. And so we set about transforming negative memories and belief systems. Our aim is a happy, peaceful client who wondrously produces new positive outcomes.

According to Harvard neuroscientist, Dr Rudolph Tanzi, everything we think changes the brain at a cellular level. Our interaction with the world and ourselves determines chemical and gene activity. “You can take the harness and determine where you want to ride and make sure it brings you the world you want to live in, or your could go along for the ride and hope for the best.”

He goes further to say the brain is doing you a service when it brings something sad along, for example. It’s there for you to learn from it, BUT DON’T IDENTIFY WITH IT. As soon as you identify with negative emotions you become them. You’re imprisoning yourself in that emotion. Later on you’ll be traumatised and you’ll have a limiting belief system. Something will happen and you’ll want to achieve something, but operating from the original memory and belief system you will think, “I can’t do it.”

Deepak Chopra, who co-authored Super Brain with Dr Tanzi, expresses the essential significance of the catch phrase “use your brain, don’t let your brain use you” by emphasising that the genes we express are the continuity of life and hold the past, present and future of this 4.5 billion-year-old planet. “(This fact) makes it so precious, that we should act in a way that’s loving and compassionate and joyful and peaceful, that nurtures our body physically, intellectually and spiritually, because those genes are eaves dropping”.

In this video clip, Deepak Chopra takes you down the rabbit hole of the brain and your life, and declares happiness to be the ultimate goal of life.


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