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Anatomy of An Awesome Life

The water supports me like a delicacy it has found, and considers from all angles. The odd fish flashes by, nonchalant at sharing its home with me, this haven I have chosen for my mind. The sparkling waves and colours of the low sun spritz warmly over my consciousness and then it’s time; the practitioner brings me back into the quiet room. She leads me from my happy place back to the initial discomfort that I came to change. She asks me to bring it back, the bad feeling, the knowing. I can’t. It is peaceful, it doesn’t bother and it doesn’t hurt anymore.

This is the wonder of a FasterEFT session. The deep but simple effectiveness. The realisation that I get to choose how I construct and see the world. Uncomfortable memories are changed and emotional charge is released. Beliefs and memories from childhood arise, and unconscious programs are illuminated which kept us safe at the time but from which we’ve blindly operated ever since. This is even if you’ve had a wonderful childhood, like me. The point is we are all grown up now and releasing perceptions and programs that no longer serve, help us align with what we want now. “FasterEFT is changing how the subconscious mind encodes, processes and reproduces events from the past. We are not just releasing the emotions from our experiences, but also actually changing the way we hold the experience,” says founder, Robert Smith.

You are a powerful creator. We are not a victim of our genes, according to stem cell biologist, Dr Bruce Lipton, known for his groundbreaking work on Epigenetics. The cells in our bodies respond to our thoughts and perceptions. Negative, limiting thoughts affect us. Science reveals that 70% or more of our subconscious programs, lead to limiting, sabotaging beliefs that are self-destructive. “And this is why we can’t get out of our own way because we didn’t even see we were in her own way because we were doing it unconsciously,” says Lipton. So if the world mirrors what we think about it and ourselves, why wouldn’t we shine it up into happy, successful, positive, and peaceful to produce these exact things. “You have full ownership of your mind and you have the ability to control what you feel, see and hear. You are in charge of your mind and body; therefore you are in charge of the results,” says Smith.

Stress is the body’s reaction to perception. According to the American Medical Association, 80% of all health issues are stress related. In a FasterEFT session, we go to the subconscious where the memories and perceptions are, we tap on meridian points, we let go. We reimprint a good memory over one that’s causing stress. We let go the stress that is created in the organs in our bodies. We let go self-defeating patterns and negative views of the world. After all, you get what you focus on – the good, the bad and the ugly. We lose what needs to be lost to find what needs to be found. Emotional intelligence is a wonderful acquisition.



I’ve been letting go of lots. I’m enabling positive, healing thoughts. I’m calmer. I tap away stress when it shows up, and I tap in awesome affirmations daily. With FasterEFT I’m cleaning out the old dusty cupboards of the mind and how I represent the past, present and future. It’s the ultimate clean-up. And my world is changing.

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