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Welcome to My Noosa Life where I can’t wait to infuse your day with all things Noosa that I am privileged to experience in this unique end of the world. I love to stop and wonder at this rich, remarkable life. Noosa just happens to be my backdrop and totally rousing. Wherever you are in the world, or if you’re just a Noosa-lover like me, I’m taking you on a journey, so prepare to satisfy your wanderlust here!

So where did my love affair start? In the year 2000 a real estate agent triumphantly marched me to the beach on a breathless blue day, perfectly pitched to sell me the irresistible charms of Noosa and a beach home. It worked a trick. I could taste the lifestyle that awaited my family, the deep and luxurious breaths of freedom that Noosa could offer. We had left behind our beloved Africa 18 months earlier where the violent crime around us left my husband and I fearful for the future of our young boys. With heavy hearts we said farewells to family and friends, and abandoned careers in pharmacy, small business and journalism in our quest. We were resolute that we would prosper once more. And so the beach house became our sweet Aussie retreat where we redefined our lives and new dreams pounded and swelled into existence. Our home was soon festooned with swim towels, surfboards and a persistent sprinkling of salt and sand. We added a new arrival to our brood, another little spirited boy and this time a fair dinkum little Aussie! A few years on we would bury our toes firmly in Noosa’s white sand, posing for celebratory photos on the occasion of becoming Australian citizens. New friends joined our milestone celebrations, joyous meals were shared at our table and we excitedly shared our paradise with a string of visitors. Years later I still pinch myself that I wake with the birds, surrounded by World Heritage national park, to contemplate an azure ocean framed by blue skies. Once a city dweller then to rural outpost, and now to dwell in a town bejeweled at once with unabashed world-class chic and breath-taking natural beauty, I am at home and in heaven. The ocean is my almost daily retreat and my non-work part of the day is spritzed with visits to the inimitable Hastings Street, secret finds, eateries, coffees at cafés with friends and National Park visits (usually runs!) Noosa now has acclaimed UNESCO Biosphere status and a hard-won stand-alone council, at the ready to protect and maintain her natural beauty and the Noosa lifestyle. My husband and I are delighted and proud to be business owners and are still nurturing our three gorgeous boys/ young men. It’s a fine moment for me when I drop them and Dad off on a windy beach, watch them pump up their kites and kitesurf off together, a band of bobbing colour on frothy waves. It’s a happy life.

cropped-CitizenPics-037.jpgThe day we became citizens of Australia

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  1. Hi Darene, your blog really inspired me and made me dream of a better life and future for me and my family. Also a South African, that are looking for better opportunities. Can you maybe give me any advice in how to start an immigration process and where to do job hunting, especially in Noosa! It looks so ydillic! Regards

    1. Hi Lize
      Emigration is a tough process but if you’re determined and optimistic about a future elsewhere, you can make it happen. The first step is to make sure you qualify. If you’re set on Aus, there are many beautiful spots. Noosa can be a tricky place to find work, being quite small and tourism driven. Your field of work and job opportunities often dictate where you can settle successfully. Here is the website for a very good agent in Sydney who happens to be South African and can direct you. Andre Burger http://www.ozimmigration.com/web/ All the best! Let me know how you go. Darene

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