A Case for Blue

I felt the thrill of possibility when the editor of Vogue Living Australia announced this month that blue is the new white. Neale Whitaker said it was having a marked collective moment across fashion, art and interior design, and illustrated his point with glamorous homes in sexy cerulean, from Lake Como to Morocco.

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 10.06.06 PM
A designer home in Sydney’s Darling Point, Vogue Living Australia March edition


WhiIe I love blue, I have to say it is more of a cousin in my colour wheel. My home is foremost a white canvas and I don’t care if dogs traverse my white leather couches, young ones smudge sweaty after-sport feet or nieces and nephews finger-dot sticky sweets on my haughty off-white velour chaise. Everything is washable, is my mantra and my ode to white living. Having said that, it’s a big hello to pops of colour, okay.

This amazing Noosa home does the "blue thing" well.
This amazing Noosa home “does blue” effortlessly. Image courtesy of Facebook


But let me admit, the thought of turquoise domination makes me twitch. When we moved into our house, it had a navy roof. Now the entire house is Baker’s white. A designer, striped chaise got covered in a shade of cream after a few years of “putting up with it”. Naturally, I always have a tin of Baker’s white handy for spontaneous, odd transformations, to bring dark objects back to life. To demonstrate my deviance, a few weekends ago I spent a day white-washing a garden wall I’d previously painted teal in the spirit of adventure. As luck would have it, soon after, my soul ached for the purity of white. Alas, my crockery is white, my tea and coffee cups are white. My bedcovers are crisp, billowing white. Just today I tried to buy a garden suite with cushions as white as the driven snow. My interior decorator friend winced with fright and quickly warned me off. Shortly after I attended an underwear party and, yes, you guessed it, I bought bright white.

Now don’t get me entirely wrong, I really do love blue. I absolutely love my indigo shaded jeans, a jot of electric blue eyeliner, the excitable shade that is my boys’ eyes, my huband’s gaze. I couldn’t be content in a world without the rhapsody that is blue. Blue flowers, butterflies, the aqua hue of a Transkei hut on a dusty African road.

IMG_0674 (1)

Blue has my heart in our azure oceans which lure me in relentlessly, and our indelible and beautiful blue planet that spells life. it is a very desirable cousin indeed.

a case for blue

Yes, I do love blue, but blue can wait. Or rather, find a better devotee. I fear I’ll be off to de-lid my tin of Baker’s white before long.

* The featured image is courtesy of Rachel Kennedy Designs.

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  1. I do feel the same about white and I miss my old white kitchen. Blue was my favourite colour as a teen but somehow it got replaced as I matured. I seem to prefer neutral hues these days. It sounds boring compared to the vibrant blues in your piece.

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