Words at dawn

I wrote in the dark this morning. It was fitting for pure alchemy. Writing from that place where in the dawn’s whisperings the words wash up and settle where they land, like golden light. Real and raw.

The intimate session was led by the dreamy wordsmith of wild, wondrous writings, Author Victoria Erickson. “Just listen to your body, all the stories are there,” she said. She knew. She was right. And so I wrote…



There Was A Road

It took me in fire and rain and flow of lush wandering
Each step pinched my heart. Crushed bits
And filled my lungs with me.
Running wild with no way to feel the light but forward.
I shivered with the trees
Till the wind blew me kisses
My tears fell on tiny stones which crunched beneath my heavy boots
Leaving behind old shadows.


Bye to you my love and honey. Our blue skies, blue sea.
They float and bob with peace, frightened hush.
Clouds sweep, blues change
I’ll see you again.
I reach for you in days of void and hunger
Where colour lacks and water weeps
And all I feel is you, your touch
On every breeze
Inching me back to the burning welcome of you
Till we walk again in step
Under the soft blue sky, beside our blue sea
You and me.

There Was A Boy

There was a boy. Then there were two. And look again, three.
Three rounds of sweet pink cheeks
Bottoms to kiss
Bodies to squeeze and love like no other.
An over-edge endless depth, that covers
Young men
with prickly chins
and muscles honed.
My boys, my men that grow and reach
And stretch into the world that holds them now.
I watch, I smile, I surrender one, two then three, in trust
That you will love as strongly, as fiercely as me.
Their mother.

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