Turning 50

I’m officially a quinquagenarian – a person who is 50 years old or whose age is between 50 and 60. This new category doesn’t conjure up much glamour right off the mark. Well, I’ve danced a fair bit around this subject lately. I’ve checked out the health goddess, Elle McPherson, and gazed at Elizabeth Hurley...


Why August was essentially awesome

I recently read a book called Essentialism by Greg Mckeown, which invites you to edit the choices you make every day towards a better life. To work out what counts. First thing: 8 hours of sleep a night or thereabout is essential to well being. Then it urges to pare...


Not Just Tennis

Emotion washed over me as I waved off my 21-year-old son. His tennis bag was checked in with fragile items and his portable racquet stringer was carefully packed in his hand luggage. His most precious items. He looked just like a regular dude about to board a plane, but...


Hey kiddo, have you loved enough?

I’m journeying beautifully on my Noosa Camino. Every day life has given me an invitation to experience something new. I’ve melded into the places, the mental spaces. The vigour of being outdoors and creative surge have stippled routine. It has made me want to go further into the reaches of my day. To...


Into The Dawn

I’ve never been a great morning person, but waking before dawn to pursue my Noosa Camino this week has been quite refreshing. I recently heard psychologist and spiritual teacher, Wayne Dyer (another Rumi-lover) extolling the wonder of early mornings which is when he writes. He’s up at 3am to be precise,...


My Noosa-style Camino de Santiago

I’ve been struggling with delayed gratification. That is, having to wait for the perfect stage of life to take extended holidays, walk the Camino de Santiago, be done with routine. I just want to break pattern. Travel, roam, hit the road and caress the breeze. I am jealous of wild,...

photo via Visit Noosa

The Remarkable

It’s a remarkable day. Boats drift past on the Noosa River under blue skies and a cluster of lively folk who all once lived in Umtata, South Africa, chat over lunch into the afternoon and join the dots from way back when. Some of us live in Queensland now...

A green turtle hatchling rescued and assisted at Castaways Beach. Photo by Kim.

Easter turtles (not bunnies), love from Noosa!

I’m listening to the soft patter of warm Easter rain, tired and damp but content. It’s been a week of treks up and down to the beach to check on turtle nests. Dinner on deck chairs and cups of milo in the dark on dunes. We made excess trips down the beach path...


The South African emigrant’s jam

Ex Oxford University lecturer, Jonny Steinberg’s compelling BuzzFeed article on why he has returned to his native South Africa is doing the rounds. A South African emigrant myself, I read it with reverence, eager to peer into the heart of an accomplished writer and academic. For South Africans it is...


Hot yoga and mind traffic

I have new appreciation for my body after a foot injury. What bliss to be back in motion at full stretch again, running on a beach path after six months off. The plan is to be more in tune with any little tweaks and twinges (that the 18-year-old in...