Signs of Summer and the love of home

Summer is signalling here in Noosa with light-bathed mornings, warmth and sweetness that makes you tumble out of bed with the birds. Talking of which, on my early morning cycle this week I was dive-bombed incessantly into immediate wakefulness by a magpie protecting its nest of young. Feisty magpies, wedding bush...


Yay to 49!

I’m about to turn 49 and I’m not peeved. I’m cool. That’s because I’m expecting an amazing year flirting with the last of 40-something. Bring it on, baby. I happen to find the age ending with a nine quite, er, racy. For me, this end of decade hiatus is...


Fraser Island, a wild adventure

I feel the ennui of routine slip off my shoulders as I lift a big backpack and board a ferry with my husband. Just us, one motorbike, strong legs (we hope) and a few days ahead of immersion on the world’s biggest sand island. But it’s not just famous...


A walk on the wild side – Fraser Island

Tomorrow we’re off. Adventure awaits on the world’s largest sand island, the World Heritage listed, Fraser Island. It stretches over 123 kilometres in length and is 22 kilometres at its widest point. I can’t wait to be immersed in the beauty of it. I’m also a little nervous about...


World’s best in African Safaris is coming to Noosa

Get ready, Noosa. The world’s best African Safari outfitter, Leora Rothschild, is bringing her class act our way. This week, Travel + Leisure announced Rothschild Safaris as the number one safari company in the world for the second year running. The magazine’s World’s Best Awards, a benchmark in travel excellence, tallies...



I have enough and I am enough. What a liberating thought! It plants me in the now. I feel the calm. Gratitude seeps in. We are always minding the gap of insufficiency, doubt, and worse despair. You can direct your gaze upwards or you can look down into the...


Terrific Tuesday in Noosa

“It’s a tremendous Tuesday,” I told the bunch of kids I dropped at school this morning. “Terrific,” said one. “Terrifying”, said another. Don’t you love the energy of young ones and especially the prospect of all the possibility that lies ahead for them? This article answers perfectly the perennial question...


Times like these… A Family Affair

Our family is flung across the globe but we are always lucky enough to renew ties quite regularly. This year, Gran and Grandpa faithfully trekked from South Africa to Australia to visit their two married sons and families, which includes five grandchildren (ranging from 18 months to 22 years old)....


The Friend Effect

Friends are one of life’s greatest gifts. They nourish us like sunshine. They give us reason to smile. They can even extend our lives. In a 1960s study the Roseto Effect identified the link between health and strong social connections in an Italian-American community in Pennsylvania where the village...


A Noosa Easter, Anzacs and A case of the Blahs

I’m emerging from a patch of blah, where inspiration has been sorely lacking. Work has been a treadmill, beach runs a fatty-boom-boom grind, and deciding what to make for dinner…well, bewilderment. I admit, I’ve been a bit sh***y too. Then Pinterest popped this at me.   And I smiled...